(Press Release) The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy, Volume 2

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (September 1, 2010)

Lana Sultan
Mobile: +966 555 677790

The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy, Volume 2

As plastic bottles pile around the city, a mean villain rises to spoil the fun. From the author of “The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy”, the fight to save planet earth clean continues as a new hero joins in.

The book examines the life cycle of plastic through a fight between good and evil as it personifies the negative effect of piles of plastic bottles.

Volume 2 continues in the footsteps of the first release aiming to spread the awareness about living a greener life amongst kids in order to engrain certain positive habits at a very young age. The book was intentionally simplified to ensure that the main concepts are understood by children through an exciting theme that appeals to kids.

Following the positive reception of volume one and as part of the author’s environmentally conscious agenda, “The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy, Volume 2” went globally through the digital world. The book was released as an Apple® iTunes application. The book can be purchased for $3.99 and can be run on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch platforms.

The application offers a read-it-yourself option and a listening mode that was read by Roger Harrison and recorded professionally at DiGiLines Production Studio with the aim of enhancing the book’s experience.

ISBN: 978-603-00-5944-7

Full Contact Information:
Lana Sultan
c/o Saudi Aramco
P.O. Box 10884
Dhahran, 31311
Saudi Arabia
Email: lana.sultan@gmail.com
Mobile: +966 555 677790

Web URL: http://www.ecoboybooks.com/


I am an author of Children's books with five published since 2010. A current resident of the city of Beijing and a Board Member at beijingkids. A holder of a B.A. degree in English Literature & Linguistics.

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