Lana & Eco Boy in “Bridges Magazine”

Lana & Eco Boy were featured in the 5th issue of “Bridges Magazine”.

Bridges is a new place, not a bookstore, not a library, not a café, but a combination of all. The place is a dedication to the beautiful city of Jeddah and its people, a place where you could read, browse, rent and buy books, and get inspired. Their main focus is to promote reading, through providing a collection of fine books, hosting book clubs and events, having book reviews to share knowledge on interesting books to be read, and most importantly, a unique atmosphere and experience that you will remember.

Read the article on ISSUU.

In addition, both Eco Boy books are currently selling at Bridges.


I am an author of Children's books with five published since 2010. A current resident of the city of Beijing and a Board Member at beijingkids. A holder of a B.A. degree in English Literature & Linguistics.

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