(Press Release) What A Place!


Lana Sultan’s fifth book celebrates life in Beijing!

“What A Place!” is a bilingual (English & Mandarin) children’s book about a little girl’s yearlong journey throughout Beijing, as she enjoys the city’s sights, sounds, and festivities.

Beijing, China – May 10, 2016 – Lana Sultan released her latest book, “What A Place!” in the capital of the People’s Republic of China. The book is illustrated by Hubei born and current resident of Beijing Xu Wendi, and published by Daylight Publishing House.
北京, 中国 – 2016年5月10日 – 今天拉娜在中国首都北京发行了她的新书《北京是个好地方》。本书由定居北京的湖北人许文迪为其配图,天天出版社发行。

“I am from the neighboring province of Hubei, and although I’ve lived in Beijing for 10 years now, I share Lana’s outsider’s view of Beijing and the passion for it,” said Xu Wendi, illustrator of the book, when asked what drove her to take on the project.

“What A Place! gives children a wonderful experience in terms of literary and aesthetic attainment, and bilingualism,” said Li Xiangang, Editor of the book. He also added, “Bilingual books are an effective way for beginners and their families to enjoy a second language”.

The book will available for sale in Beijing at The Bookworm, Baby International, Counting Sheep, UCCA Store, and that’s Mandarin. Baby International will also make the book available through their Shanghai and Chengdu branches. For the rest of China, the book will be available online through the Tencent-developed application Wei Dian (微店).
北京读者可在 The Bookworm, Baby International, Counting Sheep, UCCA Store 和 that’s Mandarin购买此书。 Baby International位于上海和成都的分店也有销售。其他城市的读者可通过作者的微店购买。

What A Place Cover (1000px)

About Lana Sultan

Lana Sultan previously published four books since 2010, including The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy series and Once Upon a Mutant. What A Place! is her fifth book and her first since moving to Beijing in 2013. Lana is also a current Board Member at beijingkids.
从2010年起,拉娜已经先后出版了四本书,包括系列丛书《环保小超人》和《Once Upon a Mutant》。《北京是个好地方》是她出版的第五本书,也是她自2013年定居北京所出的第一本书。 同时她还是beijingkids杂志的成员。

For more information about “What A Place!” please visit http://www.lansultan.com or contact Lana directly at +8618601146477 or by email at lana.sultan@gmail.com
欲知《北京是个好地方》的更多信息请登录 www.lansultan.com
电话: +8618601146477
电子邮件: lana.sultan@gmail.com



I am an author of Children's books with five published since 2010. A current resident of the city of Beijing and a Board Member at beijingkids. A holder of a B.A. degree in English Literature & Linguistics.

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